05.07.04 - Thanks to Ralf for the Through The Haze photo on the Images page.

04.29.04 - Just a note to people looking for bands named Frail, because there are several out there, this band no longer exists. They existed back in the 90's, but no longer. Sorry and thank you for visiting.

10.07.03 - Thanks again to Ralf for the new MP3's and the new record covers. Not much new news, but hope you enjoy the site.

05.03.02 -Thanks to Christophe from Stonehenge for some updates on the compilations.

03.30.02 -Thanks to Ralf from Germany for the "New Harmony" cover. Plus Scott B. from Bloodlink stated that he is working on a more complete discography. Don't know when it will be coming out, but check Bloodlink periodically for updates. He also helped out with the discography and the spelling of Eric's last name.

This is an incomplete discography. Frail was on other compilations and records. I have no idea what they are, but I would really like to hear them. I don't know how many songs are missing, but if people start visiting the site then maybe I'll find more. These are all that I have.

make your own noise . . .
It compiles 15 songs and a short spoken word. On Bloodlink Records. Songs include:
american as apple pie, simply by the book, firecracker, industry, spoken (spoken word), brothers and sisters, obscene jigsaw puzzle, static, inquistition, love, ideal, faultless, blister, decade, paradise lost, and revolution
Make Your Own Noise CD Cover

New Harmony
4 song 7" from Bloodlink Records.
Songs include:
fire cracker, industry, obscene jigsaw puzzle, brothers and sisters

Click here for the other New Harmony cover.

Thanks to Ralf from Germany
4 song 7" from Yuletide Records in Nazareth, PA.
Songs include:
blister, decade, paradise lost, and revolution
Frail-st 7 inch
XXX Some Ideas Are Poisonous-Comp.
1 song on this compilation dedicated to bands that are straightedge, but don't have that straightedge sound.
Song is:
Ebullition xxx compilation
Through the Haze-7" EP Compilation
1 song on this comp. from Overdose Records #1 in 1994.
Song is:
Things Can Turn Around
Through the Haze 7" EP Cover
Stealing the Pocket-LP Compilation
1 song on this comp. from Positively Punk # 1 in 1995.
Song is:
Sorry I don't have a picture for this record. If you do have it, please feel free to scan it and e-mail it to frail_static@yahoo.com. Peace out.

Frail/Elements of Need-Split
2 songs on this split from Static
Songs are:
American as Apple Pie, Simply by the Book

Frail and Elements of Need Split 7 Inch-Click to Enlarge
Idle Hands Hold Nothing
5 song 7" from Kidney Room Records in Nazareth, PA. The record was a benefit for Earth Well. It was recorded in August of 1994 at Snugfit Studio.
Songs include:
static, inquisition, love, ideal, and faultless
Idle Hands Hold Nothing Cover


Eric Hammar on Vocals

Don Devore on Guitar (Was also in Ink & Dagger and is currently in another band.)

Mike Parsell on Guitar (I think he plays in Goodbye Blue Monday or something like that.)

Derek Zgienski on Bass

Brian Berwind on Drums

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